The Benefits of Call Center Jobs from Home

Call center jobs from home offer many wonderful benefits. Not only can you work in the privacy of your home, but for many stay-at-home moms or students looking to supplement their income, it provides a way to pay the bills without ever having to leave your home. With the right company, it can pay well too.

The Type of Work Involved

Call center jobs from home involve answering phones similar to being a secretary. There are many opportunities for call center work, including answering phones for retail businesses, technical support, marketing, sales and most of all, customer service. Otherwise known as telemarketing, call center employees are very important to many businesses that rely on cold calling to make sales calls for them. For anyone that loves talking to people and is comfortable motivating and/or informing the public about products, services, etc., a call center job may be the perfect career opportunity.

What Skills are Needed

Although it can seem like a great work environment, call center jobs from home require a tremendous amount of self-discipline and motivation. It's also important to have good attention to detail, an advanced (in many cases) knowledge of computer application systems and have strong grammar and pronunciation. Any company that hires a call center representative needs someone who is dependable and can accomplish daily tasks efficiently. For bilingual speakers, there are additional opportunities to be a successful call center representative.

Type of Equipment

For many people, working from home is the ideal luxury, but it also involves having the right equipment available. Although required equipment varies from company to company, there are standard items that every call center job from home requires. A fast working PC or laptop is mandatory, as well as a landline. If the company requires anything else, you may need to question whether the job is worth spending additional money up front or not. It's important to be on the lookout for call center jobs from home scams, as there are many out there on the web asking for money up front.


In most cases, call center employees are paid per minute or per call. If paid per call, employees are only paid during the time they are taking calls and not for the time in between phone calls. Call center employees generally move quickly through calls because the more calls made, the more money they acquire. Before taking a call center job, consider asking some important questions including what the commission rate is, what the per-call rate is, if the company will provide leads and what the base pay is.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Whether a company hires you as an independent contractor or an employee will make a difference in your income and in your taxes. Independent contractors and employees should at least be paid minimum wage but whereas employees may be guaranteed an hourly wage, independent contractors may not. Independent contractors aren't always as likely as employees to have taxes withheld, meaning when it comes time to report taxes, you may owe the IRS some money that wasn't taken out by your employer.

Call center jobs from home have many benefits. The most popular benefit of call center jobs is the flexibility to work from home. Being motivated as well as having great attention to detail will help anyone succeed in this field while also having the potential to be a satisfying part time or full time career.