On Your Own: Answering Service Jobs from Home

As studies have shown, clients are less likely to leave a message through voicemail than when they talk to a live person. For this reason, small businesses and large corporations often outsource their answering service elsewhere. By starting your own business, answering service jobs from home can be a great way to earn a living.

The Basics of Answering Service Jobs from Home

Many individuals choose to do anything they can that will allow them to work from home, and answering service jobs are a popular way to accomplish this. Companies look for employees who sound friendly, helpful and kind, and can keep customers on the phone long enough to suggest products or services they may be interested in. Developing a tough skin, talking to customers in a polite way and being able to navigate around computer and phone systems are all parts of a successful career in this field.

Starting Your Own Home-Based Answering Service Company

Starting a home-based answering service company is not as difficult as beginning other types of startups. Often, all thatís needed is simple equipment that many people already possess including a cell phone or land line and a computer. The next most important part of starting a home based answer service is contacting businesses that are in and out of their office frequently. Introduce yourself to them and market yourself as a reliable, cheerful and helpful asset to anyoneís company. Then, begin to have their calls forwarded to your phone, acting as a virtual secretary.

Answering Service Job Tasks

Starting an answering service company from the privacy of home isnít as simple as just having calls forwarded to your number from a variety of businesses. A professional answer service representative will have a wide range of responsibilities including taking orders and then communicating them to the appropriate person at the end of each working day; appointment setting; making phone calls to various individuals to record their answers for survey purposes, and all of which save clients time and energy when they donít have to answer the phone themselves.

Finding Clients

There are several ways to find clients when starting an answering service business from home. Consider targeting a variety of small and large businesses that donít have the time to answer ongoing phone calls, such as retail stores, travel agencies, pet stores, collection agencies, hotels, video stores and car washes. Consider spending the time driving around various neighborhoods in your area and discovering what types of businesses are close by. Who could use a remote secretarial service such as yourself? The answer is just about any type of business, from startups to big corporations.

Marketing Your Answer Service Business

Many people want to work from home but donít realize that having a successful answering service business is a possibility. To be profitable however, itís important to market your business properly. By understanding what businesses can prosper by hiring you to answer incoming phone calls for them will help you earn results. Consider gaining visibility by advertising your business in the local newspaper, printing brochures and placing them in coffee shops, fitness clubs and on community boards in the area.

Unknown to many people as a way to work from home, answering service jobs from home are a creative way to earn a fulltime living or supplement your income by working part time. Building up a strong clientele and marketing yourself will increase your chances for a long lasting answering service career.