How to Get Telemarketing Jobs from Home

Telemarketing jobs play an important role in many businessesí profit and sales success. As the perfect career choice while staying at home, it can provide a competitive salary and a great benefits package for anyone who is social, composed and devoted. For many, the question is how to get a job in the first place.

A Great Career Choice for Many

Not everyone wants, or is cut out for, a traditional office job. Due to a variety of circumstances including stay-at-home moms, retired professionals or busy college students, a telemarketing career is the perfect option to bring in a part-time or full-time income. Outgoing telemarketing jobs offer flexibility and comfort for people all over the world and can be the perfect option as the economy continues to downsize and job security isnít as stable as it once was. Telemarketing jobs from home can be a way to help others while making a great living.

Step 1: Apply

For many, being a telemarketer has many benefits for a rewarding and profitable career. Telemarketing jobs from home allow stay-at-home moms, those wanting to supplement their income during their free time and first time job seekers to learn about a telemarketing career. Applications for telemarketing jobs from home can be found easily on the internet, with thousands of opportunities throughout the United States at any time. While some companies are local, many are global, giving stay-at-home employees flexibility to work anywhere.

Step 2: Voice Testing

Telemarketers are also known as outgoing call center representatives. Since the telemarketing job requires spending the majority of each day on the phone, a strong voice, excellent grammar and a neutral accent is critical. When applying for a telemarketing job, there will be a script to memorize, so itís important to practice several times before your voice interview. Practice with loved ones, and learn from constructive criticism, as it can be difficult to pick up on tone fluctuation and voice volume on your own.

Step 3: Enjoy Multiple Projects

Passing the voice test is the first step to earning a career in telemarketing, but itís also important to become certified for multiple projects from several clients at once, especially if you want to work full-time in this career. Many telemarketing companies handle multiple projects from businesses all over the world, so donít be surprised if some projects require making both domestic and international phone calls. Because of multiple projects that can be ongoing for some telemarketers, the ability to multitask is an important job skill.

A Telemarketerís Salary

Telemarketing can be a great way to supplement income as well as depend on it for a decent full-time income. Depending on the employer, telemarketers can make between $8-$20 per hour, as well as periodic bonuses for committed and dependable employees. If the calls are for a sales company, telemarketing jobs can be highly profitable, with a large portion of their salary being commission-based as well as salary-based. Although telemarketing employees make a salary of $24,000-$27,000 during the first year of employment, their salary rises each additional year.

Small and large businesses depend on resourceful, well spoken and polite telemarketers to help their business thrive. If you possess these skills, a bright future in telemarketing may be the perfect option for you.